Dean R.


My sessions with Danielle were great, I really appreciated having someone to talk to 1:1 who understands diabetes. I talk to my care team, but want to also talk to someone who lives diabetes day in and day out. My care team agrees that working with Danielle has been a great choice for me.

Marcos C.


My first session with Danielle was a game changer!

Kelley L.

Diagnosed with Type 1, 1976

I had a half hour consultation with Danielle. She is caring, a good listener and she gave me some helpful and actionable takeaways! Knows her stuff. Thank you. Highly recommend!

Cheryl A.


Danielle has been great. She has helped me identify specific goals I want to set and achieve and has helpfully pushed back when I’ve expressed a worry that makes me question how I might not reach one of those goals. Her ability to hear my concerns and pinpoint why they are not reality-based has helped me move closer to reaching new heights. I highly recommend her as a coach!

Sarah G.

Forever grateful!

I will forever be thankful for all of the support you gave me and my family! You changed how I felt about myself and my diabetes, and helped empower and connect me with a community I didn’t know my family needed! Thank you!

Amanda A.

Member of Massachusetts Type 1 Diabetes Meet up

I've been a member of Danielle's Massachusetts Type 1 Meetup group for over 5 years. In establishing this group, she has enabled me, and hundreds of others with type 1, to connect with people who can relate to the daily challenges we face, while living with T1D. She's a great friend, listener, and sounding board for members of our group. Danielle's ability to coach members through their life stressors really shines through.