Massachusetts T1DMU

Massachusetts Type 1 Diabetes Mission Statement: Type 1 Diabetes Meet-Up is both an online forum and in person meet up that encourages adults with type one diabetes to exchange resources and share their experiences and struggles with each other to form a community of support and understanding. What is T1DMU? T1DMU Stands for Type 1 Diabetes Meet up. MT1DMU stands for Massachusetts Type 1 Diabetes Meet Up. Currently Massachusetts is the only chapter. For Type One Diabetes Adults (18 years old and older) that live in the Massachusetts area. This is an informational site for type one diabetics to find meet ups around Massachusetts, as well as seminars, conferences, other diabetes related events in the area. Disclaimer: Most of the members in this group are not medical professionals and any advice we give should be talked over with your healthcare provider before implementing. Any medical professionals in this group who may give advice do not know all of your history, please speak with your Medical Professional for medical advice that fits your needs. We do not allow selling or monetary exchange of medical supplies or devices. https://www.facebook.com/groups/652214778319704